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USB External Hard Drive
  • Use any IDE hard drive
  • External 25W power supply
    (Runs Cooler w/External PS)
  • Front panel LEDs for power, disk activity
  • Connects to computer via USB port

  • 40 Gig. Capacity
    (Call for other HD Sizes)
    Allows You to Easily Move HD from System to System
    Complete with USB cable, Power Supply, etc.
    Price = $189.00
    (with Western Digital 40 Gig. 5400 rpm HD)

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    We carry the finest components available. All items have been evaluated for performance, reliability, and compatibility, before carrying them. We sell numerous products including a complete series of
    Removable Hard Drive Kits

    "Champaign-Urbana's Full-Service Computer Dealer"

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