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[keith harden - calico]
"calico" - © 2010
- the newest cd by keith harden -
it's americana-roots-country-folk-rock-blues etc.

[Keith Harden - Bad Dog Blues Sessions]
"The Bad Dog Blues Sessions" - © 2005
- A recent CD by Keith Harden -
The basic tracks, 18 songs,
were performed live by Keith
on the Bad Dog Blues show
on WITR 89.7 FM Rochester, NY
on three separate dates
- Purchase the CD online at bandvillage.com

[Keith Harden - the song goes on]
"the song goes on" - © 2004
- A recent CD by Keith Harden -
13 "folky" originals on this
singer-songwriter CD

[Keith Harden - Mostly Mississippi]
"Mostly Mississippi" - © 2003
... it's acoustic blues of the
Mississippi blues masters
brought into the now...

[-Keith Harden - Illinois Blues -]
"Illinois Blues" - © 2002
"Ilinois Blues"
fingerpickin' dobro slidin' harmonica blowin'
sweet singin' acoustic bluesy stuff...

[-Keith Harden - Precious Stone -]
"Precious Stone" - (2001)
This CD found Keith exploring new directions
as his recent move to New York provided
lots of inspiration

One of the Top 5 albums in
CU Cityview's - The Best of 2002:
Phil Strang - Record Service Owner

[-Keith Harden - Acoustic Blues -]
"Acoustic Blues" - (2001)
This CD finds Keith getting back to the basics
The pared down production features
5 original tunes by Keith
and 7 songs by the masters like Robert Johnson,
Mississippi John Hurt, and Leadbelly

[-Keith Harden - another day-]
"there goes another day" - (2000)
Keith's exciting new CD released December 19, 2000
12 new singer-songwriter acoustic tunes
finds Keith exploring new musical directions
also features Rocky Maffit on percussion

[-Keith Harden Blues-]
"What The Blues Are For" - (1999)
Keith's 1999 acoustic release is an eclectic collection of 10 superb songs inspired by the old masters.
[-Keith Harden Band - Live -]
Keith Harden Band
"Live at the Blind Pig 11-26-96" - (1996)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
A chance to catch a rare live recording of
the Keith Harden Band performing at
Champaign's legnedary old Blind Pig.
[-Keith Harden Band - Early-]
Keith Harden Band
"The Early Years 1991-95" - (1998)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
12 songs selected from the band's early material
and some classic acoustic tunes.

[-Keith Harden Cousin's-]
Keith Harden Band
"Cousin's Of The Blues" - (1993)

(with Andy Burnett and Billy Galt)
The band's first CD release. Features 11 great tunes.

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