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Interview With Myself
L. Keith Harden, Jr.

Sometimes people ask you the wrong questions in interviews, like "Whatís your favorite color?" or "How long have you been playing guitar?" With that in mind, I decided to interview myself. And here it is.

LK: Hello, Keith. Iíd like to ask you some questions about music and other things.

KH: All right, Loren. Let me turn off the weather channel.

LK: The weather channel?

KH: Yeah. Itís much better than a horoscope, as long as you can mute the sound.

LK: Do you spend a lot of time watching the weather channel?

KH: No. I want to see if itís going to be warm enough to give my dog a bath in the back yard.

LK: Okay. Enough small talk. Letís talk music.

KH: Okay, dot com.

LK: People ask where the Keith Harden Electric Blues Band is these days.

KH: Well, weíre still together. We donít play much, but I like to think of us as a vintage car. You keep it in the garage a lot, but when you take it out for a drive, it brings back that same old feeling the minute you start it up. It still runs fine, just fine.

LK: You havenít worn "the hat" in a long time.

KH: I replaced it with a headband quite a while ago, but Iíve got it in case of an emergency. By the way, Iím not using Grecian formula yet, either.

LK: So whatís it like being one of the longest-running full-time musicians in the C-U area?

KH: Itís like several lifetimes crammed into one. Every band I was in was like a family; sometimes dysfunctional, sometimes not, sometimes bad, sometimes extremely good. It teaches you, if youíre willing to learn, so many different thingsÖabout music, but mostly about peopleÖbands, audiences, clubs, club owners, recording, writing, performing, starvation, love, hate, alcoholism, cigarette smokeÖOne of the great things is that you get to travel. Then it turns into, you have to travel, then to, you have to drive when youíre way too sleepy or tired. Itís a test of your will, and I tell you what, Iím a stubborn son-of-a-gun. Otherwise I would have been out of it a long time ago.

LK: Whatís going on for you nowadays?

KH: In December of Ď99 I released my all-acoustic CD, What the Blues are For, just in time for the Y2K deadline. (You remember when everybody used to say "Y2K" ten times a day, donít you?) But seriously, what Iím mostly doing now is writing and recording a lot, and, of course, gigging. Iím gonna release at least one CD before 2001 (the real start of the new millennium), maybe two.

LK: In what direction are you headed musically?

KH: Iíve been working on alternate guitar tunings for a few years now and have written most of my new music with these new tunings. I would call this style "modern acoustic folk-singer-songwriter" stuff. My main inspiration is my lovely wife, Karen, who by the way is typing this interview for me.

LK: When do the songs come- day, night, morning, or evening?

KH: Whenever they want. Iím ready.

LK: You say you might release two CDs?

KH: Yes. Iím also working on a "folk finger-picking good-old-blues-boy" type of CD, tentatively titled "Blues, Ballads, Roots, and Rags." I go back and forth between the styles several times a season. Hopefully, one day the "twain shall meet."

LK: Anything else?

KH: Iíd like to thank Rich Cibelli for promotion and ideas, Bob Paleczny for doing my website and taking an interest in what Iím doing these days, John Gray for building me a beautiful acoustic guitar, Paul Wirth for hanging in there with acoustic music on Tuesday nights for seven and a half years, all my friends and fans who support the music, and Karen for trying to teach me how to write an e-mail.

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