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"Bad Dog Blues"

THE NEWEST RELEASE BY FORMER LOCAL GREAT KEITH HARDEN IS A COLLECTION OF HIS live recordings done for a series of radio shows aired on WITR in Rochester, New York, over the past year. If you have never seen or heard Keith play, you will marvel at the authentic blues guitar, harmonica and vocals that he produces. On these sessions, he is joined by Loren Kay, Jr. who beautifully compliments Keith with his mandolin, slide guitar, harmonica and 12-string.

Altogether there are 18 classic blues tracks done with a reverence and perfection that are unbelievable. What’s most amazing to someone like myself who has seen him play dozens of times is that this is really just one side of the incredible talent that Harden has. His version of “Baby Please Don’t Go” is the best I have ever heard, and his recording of Slim Harpo’s “I’m a King Bee” also nears perfection. He hints at Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Mississippi John Hurt and honors them all.

Since Keith moved to New York three years ago, we only get to see him play about twice a year in town, and his recordings have become much harder to find. You might need to go online (Keithharden@netscape.net) to bring this one home to roost.

Reviewed by—Phil Strang

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