Keith Harden
there goes another day

© 2000
[-Keith Harden - another day-]
front cover
[-Keith Harden - another day-]
back cover

Song Titles

1. there goes another day
2. blessings
3. prime of life
4. bang the drum slowly
5. recipe for love
6. neverland
7. house of cards
8. stand the weather
9. all the love i can get
10. moonchild ii
11. the bird song
12. sleeping beauty

© 2000

"there goes another day"

Conceived originally as a singer-songwriter CD, this is a departure from Keith's blues-based recordings. These songs and the "new" sound come from the exploration of alternate guitar tunings and harmonics.

There is a personal and sometimes introspective touch to the lyrics and an all around more "open" feeling. Sometimes strongly strummed - sometimes delicately fingerpicked, Keith's guitar tones are lush and clear, all acoustic.

Keith takes a more relaxed attitude with smooth, full vocal textures. Oh yeah, some cool backwards stuff too!

Keith Harden - vocals, acoustic guitars, dobro, harmonica,
keyboards, percussion + drumbeats
Rocky Maffit - percussion + shouts, b.g. vocals

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