XP Home and Pro Differences
Updated - 02/24/2002

Which XP for Me?

Ever wondered about the differences between the Home and Professional versions of Microsoft's new Windows XP? Well we have, and our customers have wondered as well.

Built on the same code the 2 products offer the same reliability and stability. Basically the Professional Edition includes a few features not in the Home version, such as:

  • Connect to an NT Domain
  • Multi-Language Support
  • File Encryption
  • Remote Desktop
  • Multi-Processor Support

  • Read Microsoft's explanation:
    Microsoft - Which XP?
    The folks at annoyances.org
    Summarize the differences
    annoyances.org - XP

    We believe the most important question a user should ask themselves is, if they will ever connect to an NT File Server? The Home Edition does not allow you to do this, it will however allow up to 5 peer-to-peer connections. So it will work fine for most home networks. In a business setting though, you'd want to chose the Professional Edition if you currently do, or have plans to connect to a File or Email Server.

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    What to do with Obsolete Systems
    Updated - 04/23/2000

    Old Computer's Mount Up!

    An item of growing concern lately has been the disposal of obsolete computer systems by both corporations and individuals. With the rapidly changing technology and advances in speeds and processing capabilities, computers are quickly ready for the junk heap.

    It is getting to the point that corporations are having trouble disposing of even Pentium systems, considered state-of-the-art just a couple years ago.

    Even charitable organizations are hesitant to accept older systems. It's getting to the point that you can't give them away.

    Read a recent story from a trade journal:

    Infoworld - Recycling

    The State of Massachusetts is the first to pass regulations regarding the disposal of systems and monitors. We need individuals, corporations, and governing bodies to work together on a solution.

    If we don't do something this problem will continue to mount up.

    Even the big boys get it wrong!
    Updated - 12/25/2000

    Several recent Intel screwups!

    There have been a few recent events which point out the fact that no matter how big and established a company is and how much they spend on R&D, they can still make design mistakes in the competitive computer field.

    Intel's first major mistake earlier this year centered around a set of chips that they and other motherboard manufacturers used. The MTH chip was used on motherboards to control memory handling, specifically when the boards used standard SDRAM rather than the more expensive RDRAM. The problem caused these motherboards to reboot or hang. Subsequently these motherboards were recalled.

    Read ASUS response on the issue:
    ASUS MTH Recall
    And ZDNet's story on the issue:
    ZDNet Article
    And read Intel's official response
    Intel - MTH Notes

    The second major problem has to due with Intel's more recent recall of Pentium III CPU's. It only affected the 1.13 GHz. model, Intel's highest speed CPU's , and they'd only been released in limited quantities, by a few manufacturers, and Intel again offered a free replacement.

    Read Tom's Hardware Guide's story on the issue:

    Tom's Hardware Guide
    And ZDNet's story on the P3 issue:
    ZDNet Article
    And Hard OCP's story:
    Hard OCP

    And the latest report on the persistence of the bug in the yet to be released Pentium 4 CPU

    Here's CNet's report on the issue:


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