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Get Firefox!

Counter Spy

from Sunbelt Software

Welcome to BP Computer Services Spyware Page
Computers... Sales !! Service !! and Support !!

PHONE #: 217-352-6479
Our Professionals will Increase your Computer Productivity.

We've set up this page as a service for our customers.
It's designed to aid them in combating some of the
nasty spyware programs we've been encountering lately.
Hopefully we can help with some tools to make your
Internet surfing a little more secure.

Many experts suggest using an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
We currently use the Google Chrome browser
You can also use the Firefox browser

Beware of rogue Anti-Spyware programs, some that give false positives
others may actually infect your system with spyware.
Here's a great resource from the folks at Spyware Warrior
that lists Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware
(Notice that the US Federal Trade Commission has taken action against
Trustsoft and their SpyKiller 2005 product. Don't Use It!

Eric Howes is a noted security expert
Visit his Privacy & Security Page at SpywareWarrior.com

We use start a couple Free programs to keep our system clean, those are:
Microsoft's Security Essentials,
as a Free Anit-Virus program,
and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
is a Free program that keeps your system clean of spyware.

Download and install the programs, be sure to update them,
then scan your system and clean the problems they find

Here's a great review from the folks at Calender Of Updates
that tests the cleaning capabilities of the most popular AntiSpyware programs,
and answers the question How many AntiSpyware Programs do we need?

Other useful tools are: HiijackThis and CWShredder
HijackThis (current version 1.99.1)
(alternate download site from Major Geeks HijackThis)
Check out Castle Cops and their HiJack This Tutorial
and check out Tom Coyote's HiJackThis Quick Start

Download TrendMicro's CoolWeb Shredder ver. 2.19 here

Our Top Tips for cleaning spyware
  • Scan your sytem with an up-to-date Anti-Virus Program
  • Run Microsoft Windows Defender (Beta 2) with updates
  • Run Ad-Aware SE Personal (new version 1.06) - Update Reference File
  • Run Spybot S&D ver. 1.4 (with updates installed)
  • Run CW Shredder (check for updates)

  • If you're still infected with Spyware then continue with,
  • Run HiJackThis (new version 1.99.1) - Save your log file!
  • and visit one of the following support forums for help

  • forums.spywareinfo.com
    Another site that lists various support forums is:

    Bothered by the Trojan.Startpage Virus that will Hijack your Browser Startpage?
    Check out the removal instructions from the folks at Symantec
    (Symantec identifies this version as trojan.startpage.o other antivirus vendors
    may identify it under a different name, ie. AVG = Trojan Horse Startpage.21.AR)

    Eric Howes is a noted security expert
    Visit his Privacy & Security Page at SpywareWarrior.com

    Here's a group of folks "dedicated to providing security related support to computer end users"
    visit ASAP Alliance of Security Analysts Professionals

    Process Info:
    Ever wondered if a process that's running is from a legitimate program?
    Here's some of the sites we use to look up process info
    Uniblue (formerly LIUtilities) - WinTasks Process Library
    Neuber.com has process lists, also has Security Task Manager download

    Startup Tasklist Info:
    Here's a couple sites that list Startup Programs, and if they're legitimate or not
    Sysinfo - Startup Applications List
    Windows Startup Online Startup Online Repository
    Lookup Startup Tasks at tasklist.org
    Answers That Work - Task List Programs

    Castle Cops has some pages that help tremendously
    Check out their Startup List
    Another page lists CLSID's and BHO's
    and their HiJack This Tutorial
    WinPatrol has some info on removing WinTools
    (We've been successfull removing WinTools by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel - try that first!)

    Here's an online scan from Zone Labs (yes the Zone Alarm Firewall folks),
    that scans your system and displays spyware cookies it finds on your system
    Zone Labs Online Spyware Scan
    This only scans, it doesn't clean, so you'll have to manually remove them
    while you're at it download their Zone Alarm Firewall
    (especially if you use a Cable or DSL modem)

    Here's Microsoft's page on Spyware
    and an excellent article from HP with tips on avoiding Spyware and Adware

    Spyware - In the News

    Sept. 27,2005 - Yahoo's Tech Tuesday focuses on Security and Spyware
    May 24, 2005 - eWeek story U.S. House Votes to Outlaw Computer Spyware
    May 20, 2005 - Business Week story about Hacker Hunters
    April 28, 2005 - Spitzer Sues Intermix Over 'Spyware' Yahoo/AP Story
    March 2, 2004 - PC Magazine - great article on spyware and removal programs
    PC Magazine's Spyware article
    Sept. 15, 2004 - Yahoo's Tech Tuesday focused on Stomping Out Spyware
    Sept. 22, 2004 - Another Yahoo Tech Tuesday titled Blocker Madness
    Study conducted October 2004 - finds spyware on 80% of computers
    Read the complete AOL/NCSA Safety Study in pdf format
    And visit Stay Safe Online sponsored by - National Cyber Security Alliance
    Check out Infoworld's Special Report on Spyware
    and Infoworld's Oct. 2004 article on Spyware Infiltrates the Enterprise
    Good story from USA Today that offers protection advice
    From CRN Nov. 1, 2004 Users take out Spyware Frustrations on Vendors

    How'd you get infected?
    Many times the spyware comes bundled as part of another program.
    Music sharing programs that use peer-to-peer network sharing
    are some of the worst offenders, bundling numerous additional spyware
    programs into their install programs

    Some of the worst offenders
  • Blubster
  • Grokster
  • iMesh
  • Kazaa
  • Limewire
  • Morpheus

  • Duke University has a site that has suggestions on how to
    reconfigure your filesharing application

    Users should not accept these downloads

    (screen shot of Gator download)
    Just say NO to Gator!

    Removal Programs (our current favorites)

    Ad-Aware (by Lavasoft) - Free download here: Ad-Aware
    Sybot Search & Destroy - Free download here: Spybot
    Pest Patrol - Online Spyware scan here: Pest Patrol
    Enigma Software Group - Free eval download: Enigma Software Group
    Once you install a package, you'll want to update your definitions regularly
    (similar to your antivirus program)

    SpywareWarrior has a list of suspect Anti-Spyware programs visit
    Rogue Anti Spyware

    An excellent way to prevent spyware infections is to simply
    quit using Internet Explorer
    Use an alternative browser such as Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox
    More and more folks are suggesting using the Firefox Browser
    Read Walt Mossberg's article from the Wall Street Journal
    (NOTE: Firefox's newest version, fixes a couple security
    vulnerabilities, be sure to update your version of Firefox to the current version.)
    From the good folks at Spywareinfo a nice collection of links


    Ad-Aware | CoolWeb Shredder | HijackThis | Spybot | X-Cleaner
    IE-Spyad | MVP HOSTS File | SpywareBlaster
    AVG AntiVirus | Trend Micro VirusScan | TrojanScan | Zonealarm Firewall
    How did I get infected? | How to use Ad-Aware | How to use CoolWeb Shredder | How to use Spybot


    We also suggest a visit to Gibson Research Corporation's website at:
    Steve Gibson has a whole series of programs to check for and eliminate
    security vulnerablities on your computer system.

    For Our Local Customers
    We do On-Site Repairs, Support, and Training
    In-Shop Rate = $50.00/Hour (.5 Hr. minimum)
    On-Site Rate = $60.00/Hour (1 Hr. minimum)

    Got a Technical Question ??????
    --- Ask Our Experts !! ---

    Please E-Mail us [Pencil, Write to us]
    with your questions or comments.

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