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These systems feature the
GigaByte GA-5AX Motherboard
ALi Chipset, AGP, ATX, Socket 7
100 MHz. Bus Speed

AMD K6-2 3D Systems
Gigabyte GA-5AX Motherboard
1 AGP, 3 ISA, 4 PCI Slots
3 - 168 pin DIMM Sockets
4.3 Gig. Ultra-DMA HD
Trident AGP Video Brd. w/4 Meg. RAM
2 USB, 2 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel Port
1.44MB Floppy Drive
Mid-Tower ATX Case and 230 Watt PS
Ectiva Mach One PCI Audio
PCI 56K Modem
Keytronic Spacesaver PS/2 Keyboard
Mitsumi Scroll Mouse - PS/2
Windows '98 Installed
Includes CD, and Manual
Prices Start at $750.00

Upgrade Options

System Prices
CPU Speed and TypePrice
AMD K6-2, 333 MHz CPU$750.00
AMD K6-2, 350 MHz CPU$765.00
AMD K6-2, 380 MHz CPU$790.00
AMD K6-2, 400 MHz CPU$840.00
Upgrade Hard Drive to 6.4 Gig.add $20.00
Upgrade Hard Drive to 8.4 Gig.add $40.00

Microsoft Office '97 Small Business Edition

Includes Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook
Complete OEM Package Installed, including CD and Manual

Price w/System, Only - $225.00

Storage Options (add to System Price)
IOMega Zip Drive (Internal IDE)w/Disk$95.00
LS-120, 120 Meg. Floppy Drivew/Disk$125.00
Upgrade to 64 Meg. EDO RAMInstalled$45.00
Network Card Options
CNet ISA Bus - Combo (BNC/10Base T)NE2000 Compat.$25.00
CNet PCI Bus - Combo (BNC/10Base T)NE2000 Compat.$30.00
Intel Ether Express Pro B10/100 Mb/s$75.00
3Com 3C905TX 10/100 Mb/s$75.00

Monitors - 14" Options -
AOC Spectrum 4V1024 x 768, .28$140.00
15" Options
AOC Spectrum 5V1280 x 1024, .28$175.00
ADI Provista E441280 x 1024, .28$180.00
Mag Innovison DJ5301280 x 1024, .28$200.00
17" Options
AOC Spectrum 7D1280 x 1024, .28$275.00
ADI 5P1280 x 1024, .26$310.00
Mag Innovision DJ7001280 x 1024, .26$360.00
19" Options
ADI PD9591280 x 1024, .26$565.00
Mag Innovision DJ8001280 x 1024, .26$575.00

Call 217-352-6479 for Custom Configurations

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